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What is this site about ?

This site collects together aspects of my genre writing, from westerns, to assorted stories and roleplaying material. People who have read something of mine and enjoyed it can use this site to find more of my work, or to discover more about the characters and worlds in my fiction.

Comments and suggestions on the fiction and this website are welcome. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.

What do I write ?
Westerns cowboy on cover of western I have had 15 western novels published. This section has plot synopses and info on the writing and stories behind the books. There is also a bibliography of western resources.
Licenced Fiction I am delighted to have a novella included as part of an Anthology of Blakes 7 stories
Original Fiction bookshelf image This is where to find works of original fiction, short stories and a poem or two. Most is s-f or fantasy related but there's some spooky tales and humour
Roleplaying Material detail of map from RPG adventure This section has a variety of roleplaying material, including an article on one-off roleplaying, and three frivolous adventures

New Stuff

Western News

The Sins Of Motherlode was accepted in August 2017. It's a second book about Jonah Durrell, the manhunter, and Jenny and the girls of her parlour house, who first all appeared in Two-Gun Trouble. This time, a stagecoach robbery means that Jonah and the women are working with a travelling newspaperman, Hulton F Robinson. Yes, it's Robinson, who first appeared in Cullen's Quest.

Outlaw Express was published in January 2017. The story is a battle of wits and endurance as Sheriff Alec Lawson crosses the wintry Rockies to escape a vengeful band of outlaws, accompanied by the young woman he has rescued from them. Separated from his deputies, Alec is outnumbered, and must stay ahead of the pursuit or die.

Dynamite Express was published in large print in August 2017. Sheriff Lawson and his deputies investigate poisonous moonshine being sold, and try to find the truth about a murder. There's witness, but Sheriff Lawson took an immediate dislike to him and cannot be sure if his mistrust of what Ford says is affected by his feelings. It all leads to a literally explosive finale !

Sci-Fi News

I am now an officially published author of a Blakes 7 story ! I first tried my hand at writing Blakes 7 fanfic back when the third series was airing in 1980 - I didn't even know there was such a thing as fanfic then. I've written more, and better, since then, some of which is available on my fanfic website Corellia's Dream
Now I've written a novella length story, Trigger Point, which is collected with two other novellas as Anthology. It's a part of Big Finish's B7 range and was published as a lovely hardback in November 2013.

Fanfic news

All my fanfic and related material is on my new site, dedicated to Star Wars and Blakes 7. Have a look on Corellia's Dream

Cheap Books For Sale

I have copies of Darrow's Badge, Darrow's Gamble, Hyde's Honour, and Navajo Rock available at bargain prices. Thesse books are now out-of-print, but I have copies for sale at £5 each, plus P&P. Autographs free ! I can accept payment by personal cheque (UK sterling), Postal Order or PayPal. Contact me to find out more.

Who Am I ?

I am a part-time writer who lives in Sheffield, England, which is the best-kept secret in the Universe. No, really; lots of people come to Sheffield to study and half of them never leave again. I have a joint-honours degree in Archaeology and Ancient History, which has been of no practical use to me whatsoever. At university, I was chair of the roleplaying society and of the medieval re-enactment society. I share my flat with Iella, a red and white Norwegian Forest cat, and Tycho, who is a lilac-point Birman. I don't go to the movies often enough anymore. I've been on the TV quiz show '15-1' three times and I won once. I've appeared in three seasons of Mastermind (2008/2010/2013) winning the first two first round matches with a flawless specialised subject round. Well, if you'd scored 18 out of 18 on Mastermind - twice - you'd brag about it too. When I grow up, I want to be a racing driver :).

Gillian F Taylor, Sheffield, UK
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